HYTBB series high voltage fixed reactive power compensation device

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HYTBB series high-voltage fixed reactive power compensation device (hereinafter referred to as the device) is suitable for AC power systems with a frequency of 6-35kV and 50HZ. It can be fixed and compensated on-site for high-voltage motors and water pumps, which can improve the operating power factor of high-voltage motors and reduce power consumption. wait. Structure and working principle


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Structure and working principle

●The device is a cabinet structure or a frame structure, which can manually switch capacitor banks, and can also be equipped with an automatic voltage and reactive power controller to automatically switch capacitor banks.

●Cabinet structure device is composed of incoming line isolating switch cabinet, series reactor cabinet, shunt capacitor cabinet and connected busbar. The capacitor cabinet can determine the number of cabinets according to the size of the compensation capacity and the setting scheme, and generally consists of multiple cabinets. The cabinet body is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plates, bent and welded or bent and assembled with aluminum-zinc coated plates. The protection level of the cabinet is required to reach IP30.

●Structural layout: When the rated capacity of a single capacitor is 30~100kW, the capacitor bank formed is a three-layer (single) double-row structure, and when the rated capacity is above 100 kvar, it is a two-layer (single) double-row structure. When the rated capacity is more than 200 kW, it is a single-layer (single) double-row structure.

●Frame-type structure device is composed of isolating switch frame, dry-type air-core reactor, shunt capacitor frame and fence. Including zinc oxide arresters, shunt capacitors, single protective fuses, fully sealed discharge coils, post insulators, copper (aluminum) busbars and metal frames, etc.

●The capacitor bank is placed on the metal frame, and the primary circuit is combined with the connecting bus bar and post insulator according to the set connection method.

●The frame of the capacitor bank is usually assembled, the structure is firm, stable and saves steel, which is convenient for installation and transportation.

Capacitor installation forms can be divided into single-row three-layer, double-row single-layer and double-layer double-row structures.

●The connection mode of each phase capacitor is usually in parallel first and then in series. The surface of the metal frame is hot-dip galvanized or sprayed with plastic.

●Stainless steel fence (2 meters high) can be set up around the whole device as needed. The frame material is made of high-quality profiles.

●The selection of series reactors, the series reactors installed on the neutral point side generally use dry-type iron core reactors; the series reactors installed on the power supply side generally use air-core reactors, which can be stacked in three phases or Font installation.

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