HYMSVC series high voltage dynamic reactive power compensation device

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MSVC magnetically controlled dynamic reactive power compensation complete set is a reactive power compensation and voltage optimization automatic control device integrating MCR, capacitor group switching and transformer on-load voltage regulation functions. MCR is a “magnetic valve” type controllable saturable reactor, which changes the magnetic saturation of the iron core through the excitation of the DC control current, so as to achieve the purpose of smoothly adjusting the reactive power output. Due to the grouping of capacitors, it realizes two-way dynamic continuous adjustment of reactive power. In addition, the MCR capacity only needs to be close to the maximum capacity of a single group of capacitors to achieve reasonable compensation requirements, reduce equipment costs, and greatly reduce operating losses.


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MSVC magnetic control dynamic reactive power compensation complete set consists of MSVC main control panel, magnetic control reactor (MCR) branch and compensation (filtering) branch, which can realize continuous dynamic compensation of reactive power. The compensation (filtering) branch is mainly composed of capacitors, reactors, discharge coils and protection components. It has the function of providing capacitive reactive power compensation and filtering. The magnetron reactor (MCR) branch is composed of the magnetron reactor (MCR) main body, ST type phase-shift trigger control device, etc., and has the function of dynamically adjusting reactive power. MSVC main control panel is composed of MSVC main control unit, intelligent zero-crossing opening and closing controller, reactor microcomputer protection, capacitor microcomputer protection and related auxiliary equipment.



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main feature
“Magnetic valve” type controllable saturable reactor (MCR), adopts self-harm DC excitation technology, does not need external DC excitation power supply, and is completely controlled by the internal winding of the reactor
●Through the control of the low-voltage thyristor, the reactive power adjustment of the high-voltage system is achieved, with high reliability and low cost.
●The reactor iron core is in the limit magnetic saturation working mode, which greatly reduces the harmonics, and has the characteristics of low active power loss, fast response speed, and continuous and smooth reactive power output.
●Using optical isolation phase-shift trigger technology, optical fiber transmission phase-shift trigger, high-potential self-power control, which improves the insulation level of the system, enhances the anti-interference ability of the device, and reduces the volume of the equipment.
●The control system adopts the multi-CPU controller based on DSP chip, which has high reliability and stability, and the operation speed is fast, and complex algorithms can be realized.
●Modular design, flexible expansion.
●SCR adopts high-quality components, high-voltage energy harvesting, photoelectric triggering, BOD protection, strong anti-interference system and reliable operation.

The monitoring part is composed of a host monitoring machine, a man-machine display interface and other corresponding terminal devices, which can continuously monitor the power quality of the system
●Can be directly connected to 6kV, 10kV, 35kV, 27.5kV voltage levels.
Can realize three-phase simultaneous control, phase separation control, three-phase balance control
●With master software protection and backup microcomputer protection.

Other parameters

Technical Parameters
●Voltage level: 6~35kV
●Control accuracy: 0.5%
●Dynamic response time: <100ms
●Overload capacity: 110%
● AC power
●Allowable deviation: -20%~+40%.
●Frequency: AC, 50±1Hz
●Rated frequency: 50Hz
●SCR cooling method: self-cooling, air-cooling
●Control method: reactive power
●Noise level: 65dB
●Rated voltage: three-phase 380V, single-phase 220V0
●Power: three-phase 380V not more than 10kw/phase, single-phase 220V not more than 3kw.
●DC power supply
●Rated voltage: 220V
●Allowable deviation: -10%~+10%
●Power: ≤550Wa


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●System rated voltage
●Rated capacity (magnetotron reactor capacity + capacitor installation capacity)
●Number of main transformers
●Number of capacitor branch groups
●System harmonic background
●Installation method and location
●Using environment

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