Power Quality Components

  • Sine wave reactor

    Sine wave reactor

    Converts the motor’s PWM output signal to a smooth sine wave with low residual ripple voltage, preventing damage to the motor’s winding insulation. Reduce the phenomenon of resonance caused by distributed capacitance and distributed inductance due to the length of the cable, eliminate the motor overvoltage caused by high dv/dt, eliminate the premature damage of the motor caused by eddy current loss, and the filter reduces the audible noise of the motor.

  • Output reactor

    Output reactor

    Used for smooth filtering, reducing transient voltage dv/dt, and extending motor life. It can reduce motor noise and reduce eddy current loss. Leakage current caused by low-voltage output high-order harmonics. Protect the power switching devices inside the inverter.

  • Input reactor

    Input reactor

    Line reactors are current limiting devices used on the input side of the drive to protect the AC drive from transient overvoltage. It has the functions of reducing surge and peak current, improving real power factor, suppressing grid harmonics, and improving input current waveform.

  • CKSC high voltage iron core series reactor

    CKSC high voltage iron core series reactor

    CKSC type iron core high-voltage reactor is mainly used in 6KV~10LV power system in series with high-voltage capacitor bank, which can effectively suppress and absorb high-order harmonics, limit closing inrush current and operating overvoltage, protect capacitor bank, and improve system voltage waveform , improve the grid power factor.

  • smart capacitor

    smart capacitor

    The intelligent integrated power capacitor compensation device (smart capacitor) is an independent and complete intelligent compensation composed of an intelligent measurement and control unit, a zero-switching switch, an intelligent protection unit, two (type) or one (Y-type) low-voltage self-healing power capacitors The unit replaces the automatic reactive power compensation device assembled by intelligent reactive power controller, fuse (or micro-break), thyristor composite switch (or contactor), thermal relay, indicator light, and low-voltage power capacitor.

  • Filter Compensation Module

    Filter Compensation Module

    The reactive power compensation (filtering) module is generally composed of capacitors, reactors, contactors, fuses, connecting busbars, wires, terminals, etc., and can be easily assembled into various reactive power compensation (filtering) devices, and can also be used as Expansion module for installed compensating devices. The emergence of modules is a major change in reactive power compensation and filtering devices, and it will be the mainstream of the future market, and it is an improvement of the concept of service. Easy to expand, easy to install, compact structure, simple and beautiful layout, complete protection measures, such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, harmonics and other protections, choose engineering and electrical module products, which is a unified comprehensive solution for design institutes, complete sets of manufacturers and users. type service platform.

  • filter reactor

    filter reactor

    It is used in series with the filter capacitor bank to form an LC resonant circuit, which is widely used in high and low voltage filter cabinets to filter out specific high-order harmonics in the system, absorb harmonic currents on the spot, and improve the power factor of the system. Power grid pollution, the role of improving the power quality of the grid.

  • series reactor

    series reactor

    In the current power system, the emergence of more and more harmonic sources, whether industrial or civilian, is increasingly polluting the power grid. Resonance and voltage distortion will cause many other power equipment to operate abnormally or even fail. Generated, tuning the reactor can improve and avoid these situations. After the capacitor and reactor are combined in series, the resonant frequency will be lower than the minimum of the system. Realize capacitive at power frequency to improve power factor, and inductive at resonant frequency, so as to prevent parallel resonance and avoid harmonic amplification. For example, when the system measures the 5th harmonic, if the impedance is selected properly, the capacitor bank can absorb about 30% to 50% of the harmonic current.

  • HYRPC voltage and reactive power comprehensive control and protection device

    HYRPC voltage and reactive power comprehensive control and protection device

    The HYRPC series voltage and reactive power control and protection device adopts the integrated design of control and protection, and is mainly suitable for the voltage and reactive power compensation control of 6~110kV system. The automatic control and protection requirements of 10 groups of capacitors (or reactors) can meet the reactive power compensation requirements of the load side (or generator side) for inductive (or capacitive) load sites. Support three switching methods and five switching judgments According to the data, it has functions such as installment payment management and reactive power compensation cloud management. protection function.

    It can include: overvoltage, low voltage, group open triangle voltage, group delay quick break and overcurrent, harmonic protection, etc.