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In order to further meet the diversified needs of different customers for active power filters and improve the intelligence, convenience and stability of harmonic control, the company has launched a new modular three-level active filter device.


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At present, the main products are divided into two categories: harmonic control products and reactive power compensation products. The industries involved: tobacco, petroleum, electric power, textile, metallurgy, steel, rail transit, plastic chemical industry, medicine, communication, charging station, photovoltaic industry, Municipal, building and other industries, the following are several typical cases.
1. Textile industry: The main loads are large-capacity UPS and computer looms. The UPS provides the load with high-quality electric energy with high voltage stabilization accuracy and low waveform distortion. However, since the UPS is a nonlinear load, the rectifier in the UPS generates a large amount of harmonic current , so that the current distortion rate on the grid side is very high, which not only causes harmonic pollution to the grid, but also affects the normal input of the reactive power cabinet, and harmonic control must be carried out
2. In the water treatment industry, the motor of the water inlet pump is driven by a high-power frequency converter. Since the frequency converter needs to carry out high-power diode rectification and high-power thyristor inverter, as a result, current high-order harmonics are generated in the input and output circuits, which interferes with the power supply system. The load and other adjacent electrical equipment affect the abnormal operation of the metering instrument, and harmonic control must be carried out.
3. Tobacco industry: The load is “threshing line”. “Threshing line” is to filter out the impurities in the tobacco leaves to obtain tobacco leaves without impurities. This process is realized through frequency converters and motors. The frequency converter is A very large harmonic source, so it brings serious harmonic pollution and harmonic interference to the system, and harmonic control must be carried out
4. Communication machine industry: UPS has become an indispensable equipment in the computer room, UPS can provide load
High-quality electric energy with high voltage stabilization accuracy, stable frequency, and low waveform distortion, and can achieve uninterrupted power supply when switching with static bypass. However, since UPS is a nonlinear load, it will generate a large number of current harmonics. While the power grid causes harmonic pollution, it also affects other sensitive equipment in the computer room, causing great interference or even harm to the communication system. Therefore, all communication computer rooms must face the problem of harmonic control.
5. Rail transit: In order to respond to the national call for energy saving and consumption reduction, a subway group company decided to use inverters in rail transit for energy-saving transformation, and at the same time conduct harmonic control on the inverters. After a period of research, in order to better carry out the energy-saving renovation project, the group decided to conduct a pilot project on Rail Transit Line 4. Among them, the frequency converter is selected from the products of Schneider Co., Ltd., and the active power filter is selected from the products of Xi’an Xichi Power Technology Co., Ltd.
6. Metallurgical steel: Due to production needs, the equipment on the secondary side of the transformer in the low-voltage power distribution system is mainly a motor, and the frequency converter drives the motor to work. Since the internal structure of the frequency converter uses a large number of nonlinear components, a large number of harmonics are generated during the working process. There is a certain impact load during the rolling process of the plate, and the production process is not continuous, which causes fluctuations and discontinuities in the working voltage/current, and changes in the working current also cause harmonic current fluctuations.

Technical Parameters

●Modular product design, greatly reduced volume, device-based design, selection, installation and use;
●Three-level main circuit topology: the switching loss is reduced by 60%, and the switching frequency is increased to 20KHz;
Powerful three-core control platform: Two 32-bit floating-point DSPs from TI and one FPGA from ALTERA form a powerful three-core control system, embedded with intelligent TTA harmonic detection algorithm and harmonic calculation The number of times can be as high as 51, and the operating frequency can be as high as 150M, which ensures the high speed and accuracy of harmonic separation calculation;
●High-speed multi-channel external sampling system: Embedded with three double-terminal input high-speed 12-digit analog-to-analog conversion chips (ADS8558) of American TI Company, up to ±10V analog input, 1.25us sampling cycle, powerful signal sampling ability makes the device accurate , stable and reliable operation guarantee;
●Original imported power module: Original imported EasyPAC-IGBT module, adopts the fourth generation IGB technology, three-level topology, has lower inductance design and lower switching loss, switching frequency can reach 30kHZ, and the volume is more compact, The power density is doubled, which is the hardware cornerstone for the realization of modular APF;
●Perfect temperature control: real-time monitoring of the temperature of three-phase power devices, when the temperature exceeds the set value 1, it will automatically reduce the output, and when the temperature exceeds the set value 2, it will issue an over-temperature alarm, automatically shut down and stop compensation;
●Powerful control algorithm: Hongyan Power’s modular APF adopts full digital control, and the harmonic current detection algorithm adopts an efficient harmonic detection algorithm based on time-domain transformation (down-down A algorithm), which can quickly and accurately separate each harmonic current instantaneous value, the compensation response time is greatly improved, and the real 10ms full response is achieved. The current control part adopts the current advanced resonant regulator (P R) current control algorithm, which can ensure the real-time and accuracy of current tracking;
●Good human-computer interaction experience: Hongyan Power’s modular APF adopts a 5-inch LCD liquid crystal display touch screen. When multiple machines are connected in parallel, the cabinet door adopts a 10-inch touch screen. The power quality parameters such as system voltage, current, THD, PF are clear at a glance, and support online Changing operating parameters, rich protection and monitoring functions, well adapted to different operating sites;
●Reliable air-cooling system: It adopts a brand-name DC fan, which has a very low failure rate in continuous operation, and has a strong fault detection function and intelligent air volume control, adapting to harsh working environments, and escorting the heat dissipation of the APF device!
●Intelligent start and sleep function: When multiple modules are running in parallel in the cabinet, the module units will be automatically awakened or dormant according to the load rate. When only part of the modules are put into operation, the system will control the modules regularly according to the set time parameters. Rotation input, rotation sleep. Ensure that each module is working in a good working condition, improve the service life and temperature characteristics of the entire equipment;
●Convenient and fast remote monitoring operation function: Hongyan APF module can be equipped with remote communication function, so that the whole device can be operated remotely through mobile phones, modify operating parameters, query working status, etc. Send fault information to facilitate equipment maintenance and management, as long as the location of the device has a mobile phone signal, no matter where the administrator is, the device can be monitored, maintained and controlled;

Other parameters

Technical Parameters
●Applicable voltage level: 400 x(-15%~+15%)V
●Working frequency: 50±2Hz
●Single machine can effectively filter out harmonic current 50A: 75A100A
●Neutral line filter capability: 3 times phase line RMS current
●CT: Need 3 CTs (Classl.0 or above accuracy) 5VA CT secondary current 5A
●Filtering ability: THDI (current distortion rate) ≤ 5%
●Module expansion capacity: 12 units
●Switching frequency: 20KHz
●Harmonic frequency can be filtered out: 2~50 times optional
●Filter degree setting: each harmonic can be set individually
●Compensation method: harmonic and reactive power can be set
●Response time: 100us
●Full response time: 10s
●Protection function: power grid overvoltage, undervoltage, wrong phase, lack of phase, overcurrent, busbar overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, overcurrent, fan and other fault protection.
●Display function:
1. Voltage and current values of each phase, current and voltage waveform display
2. Load total current value, filter compensation total current value
3. Load current THD, power factor, reactive current RMS
4. Grid current THD, power factor
5. Load and grid harmonic histogram display
●Communication function: RS485, standard MODBUS protocol
●Cooling method: intelligent air cooling
●Environment: indoor installation, no conductive dust, -10°C~+45°C
●Altitude: ≤1000m, higher altitude can be used with reduced capacity
●Protection level: IP20 (higher level can be customized)
●Module size (width, depth and height): 446mm x 223mm*680mm (other sizes can be customized)
●Color: RAL7035 (other colors can be customized)

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