HYYSQ series high voltage motor water resistance starter cabinet

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Liquid resistance starter, low-voltage motor liquid starter cabinet, integrated starter cabinet, high-voltage slip ring motor fluid.

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HLSG series high-voltage squirrel-cage motor liquid resistance soft starter (referred to as: high-voltage liquid resistance cabinet ice resistance cabinet, resistance cabinet, liquid soft starter cabinet, liquid soft starter) is suitable for large and medium-sized synchronous or asynchronous with a rated voltage of 3~10KV Soft starting of squirrel cage motors. Under static working conditions, it has the same performance as a reactor; under dynamic working conditions, it can realize stepless continuous starting. By using the negative temperature characteristics of the liquid resistance, the terminal voltage of the motor is gradually increased, and the starting torque is also gradually increased, so the motor starts relatively smoothly. In particular, the system has a simple structure and strong reliability. It is not only economical and practical, but also easy to install and operate. , Easy maintenance.
It is widely used in the heavy-duty starting of large and medium-capacity high-voltage motors such as pumps, fans, compressors, crushers, and belt conveyors in metallurgy, building materials, mining, petrochemical, water supply, and electric power industries. It is a traditional reactor. Ideal replacement for reduced-voltage starters and direct starters. The main performance characteristics of this series of high-voltage AC motor liquid soft starter cabinets are as follows:

The starting current is small and smooth, without impact, which significantly reduces the voltage drop of the power grid, ensures the reliable operation of the power grid, and effectively protects the motor and transmission machinery.

The advanced control technology is adopted to make the control response of the motor starting process faster and the precision higher. The starting current of the motor can be preset to meet the starting requirements of different working conditions and loads.

product model

working principle
The device is a step-down starting method in which a variable liquid resistance is connected in series in the stator circuit of the motor. That is, with the start of the main motor, the device automatically changes the distance between the liquid resistance and the fixed plate, so that the resistance decreases linearly and uniformly. , a starting method in which the motor terminal voltage is uniformly increased.
After the main engine is started, the soft starter is completely separated from the main circuit or is at zero potential, and the movable plate is automatically reset to be ready for the next start.

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