HYFC-ZP series intermediate frequency furnace passive filter energy saving compensation device

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The intermediate frequency furnace is a nonlinear load. It injects harmonic current into the grid during operation, and generates harmonic voltage on the impedance of the grid, resulting in voltage distortion of the grid, affecting the quality of power supply and the safety of equipment operation.


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●The natural power factor of high-power intermediate frequency furnaces is between 0.8 and 0.85, with large reactive power requirements and high harmonic content.
●The natural power factor of the low-power intermediate frequency furnace is between 0.88 and 0.92, and the reactive power demand is small, but the harmonic content is very high.
●The grid side harmonics of the intermediate frequency furnace are mainly 5th, 7th and 11th.

In order to ensure the power quality, it is necessary to take harmonic suppression measures and compensate reactive power at the same time. According to my country’s power quality standards and our company’s research results in harmonic control in recent years, broadband filter technology is used to set filter circuits for the characteristic harmonics generated by intermediate frequency furnaces, absorb harmonic currents, improve power quality, and completely solve the problem. Intermediate frequency furnaces, UPS power supplies, CNC machine tools, inverters and other sensitive loads are damaged due to power quality problems. In addition, it can shorten the smelting time and bring energy-saving benefits to users.

The connection of the intermediate frequency furnace filter can use high-voltage filtering or low-voltage side local filtering. According to the harmonic principle and harmonic power flow analysis, installing on the low-voltage side has obvious advantages, mainly as follows:
1) Harmonic current is absorbed at the nearest low-voltage side to avoid flowing into the high-voltage system and reduce losses and failures on the rectifier transformer.
2) For the unit filter of a single transformer, the control method is simple and reliable, and it can be switched dynamically according to the load change of the intermediate frequency furnace.
3) The low-voltage filter equipment installer is easy to maintain
4) The price of low-voltage filtering is lower than that of high-voltage filtering.
Environmental conditions of filter equipment
Installation location: indoor
Design indoor maximum temperature: +45°C
Design indoor minimum temperature: -15°C
Design indoor relative humidity: 95%/

product model

Implementation and Reference Standards
The manufacture, test and acceptance of equipment shall comply with the following national standards:
●GB/T14549-1993 ((Power Quality Harmonics of Public Grid)
●G/T 12325-2008 “Permissible deviation of power supply voltage for power quality”
●GB50227-95 “Code for Design of Parallel Capacitor Devices”
●GB 10229-88 “Reactor”
●DL/T 653-1998 “Technical Conditions for Ordering Discharge Coils for High Voltage Parallel Capacitors”
●GB/T 11032-2000 “AC gapless metal oxide arrester”

Technical Parameters

●The device is an indoor cabinet structure, and the main components such as contactors, reactors, capacitors, instruments, discharge coils, lightning arresters, etc. are installed in the cabinet and are customized by Bohong according to the characteristics of the user’s working conditions. Effectively guarantee the use effect
●In order to protect personal safety, warnings such as precautions and high voltage danger are pasted on each cabinet panel, and electrical and mechanical locking functions are provided.
●The automatic reactive power controller can automatically input the capacitor branch according to the load condition, and automatically adjust the power factor.
●A special discharger is installed to reduce the residual voltage of the capacitor to less than 10% of the rated voltage within 5 seconds after the capacitor is disconnected from the power supply.
●Reasonable structural design, convenient installation and maintenance Specially designed circuit, in any case will not affect the normal production of other equipment of the user.
●Automatic control: Equipped with main switch and special contactor, it can switch frequently.
●Manual control: Equipped with a main switch to meet the requirements of filtering and power saving.

Other parameters

The main technical parameters
Rated voltage: 400V, 525V, 660V, 750V, 1000V
Rated power: 120-20000KVAR.
Harmonic filtering rate: not lower than the national standard.
Power factor: 0.90—0.99.
Fundamental ratio: 1 : 1
Environmental conditions of filter equipment
Installation location: indoor.
Design indoor high temperature: +45°C
Design indoor minimum temperature: -15°C.
Design indoor relative humidity: 95%

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