Active Filter Compensation Series

  • HYAPF series cabinet active filter

    HYAPF series cabinet active filter


    The active power filter is connected to the power grid in parallel, and the voltage and current of the compensation object are detected in real time, calculated by the command current operation unit, and the lower module of the IGB is driven by wide-band pulse modulation signal conversion technology. Input the current with opposite phase and equal magnitude to the harmonic current of the grid to the grid, and the two harmonic currents just cancel each other out, so as to achieve the functions of filtering harmonics and dynamically compensating for reactive power, and obtaining the desired power supply current.

  • HYSVG Static Var Generator

    HYSVG Static Var Generator


    The basic principle of STATCOM, a static var generator (also known as SVG), is to connect the self-commutated bridge circuit directly in parallel with the power grid through the reactor, and properly adjust the phase and amplitude of the output voltage of the AC side of the bridge circuit or directly control Its AC side current can make the circuit send out reactive current that meets the requirements, and realize the purpose of dynamic reactive power compensation.
    Three working modes of SVG

  • HYSVG outdoor column type three-phase unbalance control device

    HYSVG outdoor column type three-phase unbalance control device

    The newly launched HYSVG on the outdoor column of our company fully responds to the “Special Investigation and Treatment of Low-Voltage Problems” and “Notice of Technical Principles for Low-Voltage Control of Distribution Networks” proposed by the state, which can effectively control the three-phase problems existing in the transformation and upgrading of distribution networks. Key issues such as unbalance, low terminal voltage, bidirectional compensation of reactive current and harmonic pollution; improve voltage quality in real time. Raise the terminal voltage, improve the quality of power distribution, and improve the power environment; solve the problem of three-phase imbalance, greatly reduce the loss of low-voltage distribution network lines and transformers, and prolong the life of the transformer; make the reactive power achieve local balance and increase the power factor Distribution network output capacity; perfect solution to harmonic pollution caused by nonlinear loads.

  • HYSVG series high voltage dynamic reactive power compensation device

    HYSVG series high voltage dynamic reactive power compensation device

    HYSVG series high-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation device is a reactive power compensation system with IGB as the core, which can quickly and continuously provide capacitive or inductive reactive power, and realize the control of constant reactive power, constant voltage and constant power factor at the assessment point. Ensure the stable, efficient and high-quality operation of the power system. In the distribution network, installing small and medium-capacity HYSVG products near some special loads (such as electric arc furnaces) can significantly improve the power quality at the connection point between the load and the public grid, such as improving power factor and overcoming three-phase imbalance. , Eliminate voltage flicker and voltage fluctuations, suppress harmonic pollution, etc.

  • HYSVGC series hybrid static var dynamic compensation device

    HYSVGC series hybrid static var dynamic compensation device

    The low-voltage hybrid active dynamic reactive power compensation device is installed in the low-voltage power distribution system to improve the voltage quality of low-voltage power distribution, improve the operation and management level of reactive power compensation, and better serve power customers. In the original low-voltage reactive power automatic A low-voltage active hybrid dynamic reactive power compensation device that is upgraded and expanded on the basis of the compensation device.

  • HY-HPD series harmonic protector

    HY-HPD series harmonic protector

    HY-HPD-1000 uses a wave protector to protect various precision control equipment in a harmonic environment, such as computers, PLCs, sensors, wireless equipment, CT machines, DCS, etc., so that the paint is free from harmonic hazards. The use of HY-HPD-1000 wave protector reduces the failure rate of equipment and machine misoperation, improves the operating efficiency and service life of equipment, and fully overcomes the poor power quality caused by high-order harmonics on the user side, which leads to Equipment wear and tear, performance failure, resulting in unnecessary losses.

    HY-HPD-1000 fully complies with IEC61000-4-5, IEC60939-1-2 and other standards.

  • HYAPF series active filter

    HYAPF series active filter

    In order to further meet the diversified needs of different customers for active power filters and improve the intelligence, convenience and stability of harmonic control, the company has launched a new modular three-level active filter device.