Service Philosophy

Services need to be standardized, and service specifications are the code of conduct that guides people and also the characterization of people's behavior. An enterprise full of vigor and vitality must first have its own unique service system.

In order to truly realize the purpose of "serving users, being responsible to users, and satisfying users", Hongyan Electric makes the following commitments to users regarding product quality and service:

1. Our company guarantees that all links of production will be strictly implemented in accordance with the ISO9001 quality assurance system. No matter in the process of product design, manufacturing, and product inspection, we will closely contact users and owners, feedback relevant information, and welcome users and owners to visit us at any time Our company visit guide.

2. The equipment and products supporting key projects are guaranteed to be delivered according to the requirements of the contract. For those who need technical services, professional technical service personnel will be sent to participate in the unpacking acceptance and guide the installation and commissioning work until the equipment is in normal operation.

3. Guarantee to provide users with excellent pre-sales, sales and after-sales services, comprehensively introduce the performance and usage of products to users before sales, and provide relevant information. It is obliged to invite the demand side to participate in the supplier's technical design review when necessary.

4. According to the needs of users, organize business training on equipment installation, commissioning, use and maintenance technology for the buyer. Carry out quality tracking and user visits to key users, and continuously improve product performance and product quality according to user needs in a timely manner.

5. Twelve months of equipment (product) operation is the warranty period. Hongyan Electric is responsible for any quality problems during the warranty period, and implements "three guarantees" (repair, replacement, and return) for the product.

6. For products beyond the "Three Guarantees" period, it is guaranteed to provide maintenance parts and do a good job in maintenance services according to user needs. The accessories and wearing parts of the products are provided at ex-factory price discounts.

7. After receiving the quality problem information reflected by the user, make a reply within 2 hours or send service personnel to the scene as soon as possible, so that the user is not satisfied and the service will not stop.