HYTBBM series low voltage end in situ compensation device

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This series of products uses a microprocessor as the control core to automatically track and monitor the reactive power of the system; the controller uses reactive power as the control physical quantity to fully automatically control the capacitor switching actuators, with timely and rapid response and good compensation effect. Reliable, it eliminates the overcompensation phenomenon that endangers the power grid and the impact and disturbance phenomenon when the capacitor is switched.


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The intelligent low-voltage line automatic reactive power compensation device is designed according to the nature of the load, which can increase the system power factor from about 0.65 to above 0.9, increase the transmission capacity of transformers and lines by more than 15-30%, and reduce line losses by 25-50 %, achieving stable voltage, improving power quality, and reducing the cost of electricity supply and consumption.

product model

basic skills
reactive power compensation
The sampling physical quantity is reactive power, no switching oscillation, no compensation dead zone, according to needs, use Y+△
Different combinations of different ways to compensate the reactive power of the power system, so that the power factor can be increased to above 0.9.
running protection
When the voltage of a certain phase of the power grid is overvoltage, undervoltage, or harmonic exceeds the limit, the compensation capacitor is quickly removed.
When the power grid loses phase or the voltage imbalance exceeds the limit, the compensation capacitor is quickly removed, and an alarm signal is output at the same time.
Every time the power is turned on, the measuring and controlling instrument performs self-test and resets the output circuit, so that the output circuit is in the disconnected state.
The power distribution comprehensive measurement and control instrument adopts a 128 x 64 backlit wide-temperature liquid crystal display, which can display relevant parameters of the power grid in real time and intuitively display preset parameters.
data collection
●Three-phase voltage knife current knife power factor
●Active power equals reactive power
●Active electric energy knife reactive electric energy
●Frequency knife harmonic voltage///i purpose wave current
●Daily voltage knife current maximum and minimum
●The time of power outage is the same as the time of incoming call
●Accumulated outage time
●Voltage exceeds the upper and lower limit knife phase loss time
data communication
With RS232/485 communication interface, the communication method can adopt on-site collection or remote collection, which can realize timing call or real-time call, and respond to the modification of preset parameters and remote control.

Technical Parameters

●Rated voltage: 380V three-phase
●Rated capacity: 30, 45, 60, 90 kvar, etc. (can be determined according to different needs of users)
●Compensation method: three-phase balanced compensation type; three-phase phase-separated compensation type; three-phase phase-separated plus balanced group
Combined compensation type (appropriate fixed compensation can be added according to user needs)
●Control physical quantity: reactive power
●Dynamic response time: Mechatronic switch device S 0.2s, electronic switch device S 20ms
Allowable deviation of working voltage: -15%~+10% (factory overvoltage setting value 418V)
●Protection function: overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss (using PDC-8000 power distribution comprehensive measurement and control instrument
●With functions such as undercurrent, harmonic overrun, voltage unbalance overrun, etc.)
●Automatic operation function: exit after power failure, automatic recovery after 10S delay after power supply

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