HYRPC voltage and reactive power comprehensive control and protection device

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The HYRPC series voltage and reactive power control and protection device adopts the integrated design of control and protection, and is mainly suitable for the voltage and reactive power compensation control of 6~110kV system. The automatic control and protection requirements of 10 groups of capacitors (or reactors) can meet the reactive power compensation requirements of the load side (or generator side) for inductive (or capacitive) load sites. Support three switching methods and five switching judgments According to the data, it has functions such as installment payment management and reactive power compensation cloud management. protection function.

It can include: overvoltage, low voltage, group open triangle voltage, group delay quick break and overcurrent, harmonic protection, etc.


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Cloud Management:
The control device cooperates with the 4G dtu module to realize the network monitoring function.
PC monitoring screen



Mobile terminal monitoring screen


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Technical Parameters

●It can automatically judge the operation mode of 1~2 transformers and two bus sections, and automatically select the corresponding control decision.
●It can realize comprehensive control of voltage and reactive power and group protection of capacitors with 1~5 groups of capacitors (or reactors) in total of 10 groups of capacitors (or reactors) in each segment.
●Dual power supply self-adaptation: load side, power generation side, dual power supply self-adaption compensation.
●Three switching modes: constant volume circulation, unequal volume combination, and filter branch switching are optional.
●Comprehensive protection functions: It has group protection functions for various capacitors such as low voltage, overvoltage, open triangle voltage, time-delay quick break, overcurrent, unbalanced current, and harmonics.
●Instalment payment management: supports local and remote management modes.
●Operation record viewing: equipment record storage viewing function, including switching records, protection records, statistical records, etc.
●Chinese-English bilingual interface: The display interface can be switched between Chinese and English, and the standard Chinese-English bilingual materials can meet the needs of export projects.
●7-inch 800*480 color touch LCD display, graphical interface, Chinese display, intuitive display of various operating data and fault information, convenient for on-site installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.
●Convenient human-computer interaction: supports local operation, computer and mobile phone network monitoring, etc., and can realize status viewing, parameter setting, equipment control, protection reset and other operations
●Background communication management: two RS485 standard communication interfaces, standard ModBus communication protocol.

Other parameters

Cloud Management:
The control device cooperates with the 4G dtu module to realize the network monitoring function.
PC monitoring screen



Mobile terminal monitoring screen


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