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In the current power system, the emergence of more and more harmonic sources, whether industrial or civilian, is increasingly polluting the power grid. Resonance and voltage distortion will cause many other power equipment to operate abnormally or even fail. Generated, tuning the reactor can improve and avoid these situations. After the capacitor and reactor are combined in series, the resonant frequency will be lower than the minimum of the system. Realize capacitive at power frequency to improve power factor, and inductive at resonant frequency, so as to prevent parallel resonance and avoid harmonic amplification. For example, when the system measures the 5th harmonic, if the impedance is selected properly, the capacitor bank can absorb about 30% to 50% of the harmonic current.


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Low-voltage dry-type iron-core three-phase or single-phase reactors feature high linearity, high harmonic resistance, and low loss. The vacuum impregnation process ensures that the product has good insulation performance, high voltage resistance, low noise and long life. The correct selection of the number and position of the air gap ensures the lowest core and coil loss of the product. The iron core column, reel, and air gap are tightened to reduce noise. The reactor is equipped with a temperature protection device (normally closed 1250C) to avoid overheating. Reactors are generally designed to be naturally air-cooled.

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