HYTBBJ series low voltage static reactive power compensation device

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The low-voltage reactive power compensation cabinet is a device used to compensate the reactive power required by the inductive load. The device plays an important role in improving the power factor of the system, improving power quality, prolonging the service life of electric equipment, reducing transmission loss of the power grid, and suppressing voltage fluctuations. It improves the power factor of the system, reduces the reactive current in the line, and fully responds to the national call for environmental protection and energy conservation; at the same time, it helps users solve their concerns about electricity fines.


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This product belongs to safety compensation and is suitable for classic loads: annealing furnace, intermediate frequency furnace, high frequency furnace, AC and DC transmission, food processing, ceramic processing, electroplating, electrolysis, subway station, residential area, papermaking, textile, rubber and other industries.

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Technical Parameters

●Reactive power (reactive current) type controller can be used for manual/automatic control;
●Automatic control has switching modes such as cycle switching, coding switching, sequence switching, etc.;
●Real-time monitoring of system voltage, current, power factor, compensation status and other parameters;
The switching delay is adjustable from 0 to 120s, and the switching cycle of the special requirement device can reach 1s at the fastest;
●With perfect overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, malfunction and other protection measures;
●Effectively avoid capacitor resonance and shunt 20%~30% of the characteristic sub-harmonic current;
●Low investment cost, mature technology, stable performance, suitable for most low voltage compensation

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