HYTBBD series low voltage dynamic reactive power compensation device

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In systems with large load changes, the amount of compensation required for reactive power compensation is also variable, and traditional fixed reactive power compensation devices can no longer meet the compensation needs of such systems; HYTBBD low-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation devices are specially designed for such systems System design, the device can automatically track and compensate in real time according to load changes, so that the power factor of the system can always be kept at the best point. At the same time, it adopts a modular series, which can be combined freely. The assembly and maintenance are extremely convenient and can be expanded at will, cost-effective very high.


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Application field

HYTBBD low-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation device is suitable for working conditions with rapid load changes in metallurgy, machinery, mining, building materials, petroleum, chemical, municipal and other industries.

working principle

HYTBBD low-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation device adopts advanced control algorithm to detect and calculate the compensation amount required by the system in real time, control the switching of each compensation branch, and realize accurate reactive power compensation. The switching switch can choose a contactor or a thyristor non-contact switch according to the characteristics of the load change. The contactor adopts a special switching capacitor contactor, and the contactor is equipped with a surge current suppression device, which can effectively reduce the impact of the closing surge current on the capacitor bank Reduce the operating overvoltage; and the thyristor non-contact switch adopts the advanced technology of equal pressure input and zero-crossing cut-off, which can effectively suppress switching surges, improve system reliability, and prolong the service life of capacitors.

product model

Model Description



The following information is required for model selection
●System diagram and parameters: system rated voltage, operating voltage, etc.;
●Active power and natural power factor, target power factor;
●System load type and change characteristics;
●Whether the system contains nonlinear loads, if so, the order and content of harmonics shall be provided;
●Installation requirements and wire entry methods;

Technical Parameters

The main function
●Compensate the reactive power required by the system and improve the power factor;
●Increase the utilization rate of transformers and transmission lines, and reduce equipment investment costs;
●Reactive power compensation device reduces reactive power loss of transformers and transmission lines;
●Increase system voltage and stabilize power supply quality;
●A series reactor with a reactance rate of 1%~13% can be selected, which can limit the closing inrush current and suppress specific times
Number of harmonics.
●Improve the service life of the equipment in the system, especially for capacitive loads.


●HYTBBD low-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation device has high compensation accuracy and fast response speed;
●High intelligent modularity: high compensation efficiency, free expansion, compact structure, standard design, reliable performance, and high cost performance.
Unique heat dissipation: module capacitors and reactances are installed overhead with beams, and the front panel has a unique natural ventilation channel and a forced heat dissipation system to ensure a good heat dissipation effect;
●Programmable switching strategy and parameter setting;
●No oscillation switching;
●Anti-voltage fluctuation impact;
●Anti-harmonic interference;
●High operating reliability and low operating cost;
Complete protection, with protection functions such as overcurrent, quick break, overvoltage, undervoltage, etc.

Other parameters

Technical Parameters
●Rated voltage: AC380V~AC1140V±15%
●Rated frequency: 50Hz/60HZ±4
●Reactive power compensation: greater than 0.95
●Capacity of each stage (switching step size): 15~60kvar;
●Working mode: continuous working
●Structure form: cabinet type
●Ambient temperature: -10°C~+45°C
●Relative humidity: ≤95%, no condensation
●Altitude: below 4000m (over 2000m is converted according to standard regulations)
●Protection grade: IP30

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