HYSVG outdoor column type three-phase unbalance control device

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The newly launched HYSVG on the outdoor column of our company fully responds to the “Special Investigation and Treatment of Low-Voltage Problems” and “Notice of Technical Principles for Low-Voltage Control of Distribution Networks” proposed by the state, which can effectively control the three-phase problems existing in the transformation and upgrading of distribution networks. Key issues such as unbalance, low terminal voltage, bidirectional compensation of reactive current and harmonic pollution; improve voltage quality in real time. Raise the terminal voltage, improve the quality of power distribution, and improve the power environment; solve the problem of three-phase imbalance, greatly reduce the loss of low-voltage distribution network lines and transformers, and prolong the life of the transformer; make the reactive power achieve local balance and increase the power factor Distribution network output capacity; perfect solution to harmonic pollution caused by nonlinear loads.


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Product function
●Compensate the current unbalance existing in the distribution network
●Compensate the neutral current in the distribution network
●Capacitive or inductive reactive power compensation system
●Compensate for harmonics in the system
●A short-distance wireless monitoring handheld terminal using WIFI technology
●Optional remote GPRS background monitoring system
●With power grid phase sequence self-adaptive function, the phase wire connection can be in any order

Technical Parameters



Other parameters

Outline of SVG reactive power compensation device on outdoor pole




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