Complete set of bias magnetic arc suppression coil

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Biasing type arc suppressing coil adopts the arrangement of a magnetized iron core segment in the AC coil, and the magnetic permeability of the iron core is changed by applying a DC excitation current, so as to realize the continuous adjustment of the inductance. When a single-phase ground fault occurs in the power grid, the controller instantly adjusts the inductance to compensate the ground capacitance current.


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The main advantages of this complete set of equipment are: stepless electric control, static adjustable, and no interference with power grid operation during normal operation of the power grid. The disadvantage is that the compensation response speed of the arc suppression coil in the pre-adjusted form is slow.



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The overall structure of the complete set of bias magnetic arc suppression coil
Bias type arc suppressing coil consists of grounding transformer (used when there is no neutral point in the system), single-pole isolating switch, lightning arrester, DC excitation arc suppressing coil, rectifier transformer, current transformer, voltage transformer, control panel, controller and so on. The circuit diagram and overall structure of the primary system of the complete device are shown in the figure:


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